With our Awareness Audit you bring dynamism to your campaign! In it, we measure the current understanding of information security relevant scenarios – we are happy to comply with your wishes. Based on the results, we would like to make you aware of the methods used by cyber criminals and how easily each of us can become a victim. Moreover, the exchange of information between the employees already creates a learning effect.

Simulate attacks

Choose your scenario from our wide range of awareness tools.

Measuring Awareness

Controlling measures provide information about the level of awareness among your employees.

Increase learning effect

Once fallen for a phishing e-mail, your employees are much more attentive.



Phishing Test

A phishing test is the ideal start to your awareness campaign, as it creates concern among your employees and shakes up managers. We design the phishing e-mail and landing page and support you in evaluating the click rate.

Prepared USB sticks

Your employees will probably react if you find a USB stick in the corridor or on the parking lot in front of your company building? It definitely arouses curiosity – but how often is the content accessed via your IT systems? Take the test.

Makro Mailing

Would the employees in your sales department open an e-mail with the subject “Application” without questioning why it is not addressed to the HR department? In our macro mailings we send e-mails with questionable plausibility and encrypted attachments. Test how many employees activate the macros and how many would have caught a virus in the company network in an emergency.

Social Mailing

A regional event is just around the corner or the local football club has a home game. In our social mailings we send fake e-mails to your employees in which they can win free tickets or football tickets. Test for how many of your employees the link in the e-mail is so tempting that they click.

SMS Phishing

They attract free tickets, cash prizes or winning codes. The contents of a phishing SMS are manifold. We fake SMS that look trustworthy but have only one goal – to collect data. Test your employees.

Phone Call

It is Friday afternoon and the weekend is just around the corner. At this time your accountant receives a call from the top management to make a quick bank transfer, it is urgent. How many of your employees would not hesitate to transfer the money by telephone, with the end of the day in mind?

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